What to do if Your Home Floods


Homeowners in the Jacksonville and Orlando areas know how suddenly rainstorms can occur in The Sunshine State. Sunny and beautiful one minute, a monsoon the next. And during the summer months, rainstorms are more frequent and hurricanes pose a major threat. With this extreme weather comes flash floods that wreak havoc on Florida homes.

Flood insurance is a smart option for Florida residents and can protect you from devastating expenses. But flood insurance can only do so much. Following the steps below will help you mitigate water damage and expedite the recovery process if your home floods.


If the flood isn’t caused by Mother Nature, you can usually stop it at its source by turning it off or sealing it up. Some of the most common causes of indoor flooding are from busted pipes, clogged sewage lines, leaky water heaters and faulty washing machine hoses. The fastest way to stop indoor flooding is to turn off the main water valve to the house. Knowing where the main water valve is located beforehand can save you a lot of time and water damage.


After you have turned off the main water valve and stopped the source of the indoor flooding, turn off all electrical systems in your home. But always be careful not to walk through water to get to the fuse box. If you cannot reach the fuse box without evading water, call an electrician.


If your house floods, leave the premises and find a dry, safe area to wait for help. In the event of a natural disaster, make sure all family members and pets are accounted for and seek temporary shelter. During hurricane season, it’s best to have an evacuation plan before extreme weather hits.


Usually the last thing people think about after a flood is taking stock of all the damage. Before you begin the cleanup process, call your insurer to report what happened, and then document everything that was damaged. Using your phone’s camera to film or photograph any water damage is a great way to make sure your insurer doesn’t miss anything.


A flood can ruin your home and turn your life upside down in a flash. Along with being stressful, it can be a very expensive process. Fortunately, a water damage restoration company can mitigate the damage and prevent future structural problems. Getting certified professionals onsite is critical in getting an accurate assessment of the damages and costs. After assessing the damage, they can extract excess water and safely remove any harmful sewage, before beginning the structural drying and dehumidification process. This is especially important in the prevention of mold, which can be dangerous to your health.

If your home ever experiences a flood, be it from a busted pipe or a natural disaster, call the pros at Elements Disaster Recovery. From water restoration to mold removal, we have the latest equipment and training to help Jacksonville and Orlando residents get back to normal as quickly as possible.