Structural Drying & Dehumidification

Jacksonville, FL – Orlando, FL and Surrounding Areas

Benefits of Using Applied Drying Process:

  • Quicker drying time (most cases 3 days)
  • Quicker claim closure time due to less reconstruction requirements.
  • Property occupants quickly returning to regular routine.
  • Lower claim costs due to
    1. Non-destructive drying processes
    2. No carpet or pad replacement (in most cases)
    3. Mold prevention steps used during every loss.

What is Applied Structural Drying?

Applied Structural Drying is the quickest and most thorough way to dry a structure through non-destructive methods. The first key is to maximize the removal of water from carpet and padding by using an Extreme Extractor Unit that will remove the water out of the carpet and pad without removing, disturbing or lifting the carpet and padding. After the water extraction process, the next step is to set up Turbo Fans in such a configuration that creates a vortex air flow that draws the moisture out of the flooring and structure. Proper selection and application of dehumidification equipment is the next critical step. Elements Disaster Recovery, Inc. uses the high-efficiency LGR (Low-Grain Refrigerants) and desiccant dehumidifiers to remove the moisture in the air.

​Daily monitoring, charting, and adjusting the drying process will reduce the drying time. We use Psychrometric (the study of atmospheric air and its associated water vapor) charting to take the guesswork out of drying every structure. Daily adjustments of the drying equipment are required for maximum effectiveness. patek philippe grand complications replica

In some cases, we use an Infrared Camera for moisture detection and to ensure that all wet materials have been properly dried.

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