Tips to Prevent Mold

Mold Jacksonville

If you live in the Jacksonville or Orlando areas, you’re accustom to humidity, especially during the wet, hot Florida summers. Unfortunately, your home never gets accustom to humidity. All that extra moisture in the air can create the perfect environment for household mold to thrive, and some cases, professional mold removal services are required.

To help you out, we’ve listed some effective ways to prevent mold in your Florida home. 


You can never make your home-mold proof, but you can take steps to stop mold before it starts. First, you should do an audit of your home. Check for visible signs of water leaks that can cause mold, such as condensation around windows and water stains on the walls and ceilings. As mold and mildew can produce strong odors, you should also check for musty smells in your home. If you find any problem areas, you should address it immediately or call a professional. 


Mold needs moisture to grow. Always be sure to immediately dry any wet areas in your home to prevent mold growth. Leaks from heavy rainfall, leaky pipes or facets, should be quickly addressed, especially if any carpet gets wet, as it only takes a day or two for mold to begin to grow under carpet. Mold can also grow on wet clothes. Damp clothes left in the dryer can lead to mold, and wet towels should always be hung up to dry if you can’t wash them right away. 


Keeping your home properly ventilated is an easy way to lower the humidity levels in your home and reduce the risk of mold. The EPA recommends that you keep your indoor humidity levels between 30 to 60 percent. Installing a moisture meter is a great way to track your humidity levels. 

You can also take simple steps to ventilate your home, such as opening windows to let fresh air in. Your air conditioner also helps with ventilation and will help to lower humidity levels, so be sure your vents are not blocked to maximize airflow and circulation. Ventilation fans and dehumidifiers are also great for removing moisture in the air and reducing humidity levels. As bathrooms are usually the most humid rooms in your home, each bathroom should have a ventilation fan installed. Remember, the dryer and fresher your indoor air, the less chance for mold. 


Mold can grow on just about anything, but with today’s technology, you can take steps to defend your home from the pervasive fungus. If you’re building a new home or renovating one, having mold-resistant materials installed is a great to keep your home mold-free. Everything from mold-resistant carpet and caulk to mold-resistant insulation and drywall can be installed to ensure a cleaner, healthier home. If your home is suffering from mold, call the experts at Elements Disaster Recovery today. Our mold removal specialists are trained and certified through the IICRC’s (Institute of Inspection, Cleaning & Restoration Certification) and use only green, non-toxic products to safely remove mold from your home.

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