5 Signs Of Water Damage Inside Your Home You Need To Be Aware Of

5 Signs Of Water Damage Inside Your Home You Need To Be Aware Of

Water damage is a particularly destructive hazard for homeowners. When floods happen or when there are other structural problems with your home, water damage can occur both suddenly and slowly over time. While our Elements Disaster Recovery water damage restoration professionals in Orlando are here to take care of the reconstruction of your home, all homeowners need to be able to know when water damage is happening.

Spotting the signs of water damage early will allow you to mitigate the damage and solve the root of the problem before things become worse. Left unnoticed, water damage can eventually cause serious mold buildup in your home which is hazardous for the health of your household and requires treatment by an expert water damage restoration team. If it is particularly severe, water damage can even leave your home unsafe for inhabitation.

To prevent this from happening, let’s look at five of the signs highlighted by our Elements Disaster Recovery Orlando water damage restoration professionals that you need to look out for to see if water damage is harming your home.

Water Rings

When you see visible rings of water on a ceiling or on the walls, then this is a sure sign that water damage is taking place in your home. Hopefully, you can catch this sign before it is too late, as major water damage will require a major renovation by a professional Orlando water damage restoration team.

Sagging Floors

Look for uneven floors that have sags or soft spots. This typically occurs near major appliances that may leak water, such as a dishwasher or a washing machine. Keep an eye out for any unexplained cracks or warps in your floors as well. Laminate and wood floors are particularly susceptible to warping when water is present. If you notice this, then contact our Elements Disaster Recovery flood damage restoration team in Orlando as soon as possible to investigate further.

Under The Sink

Check under the bathroom and kitchen sinks throughout the house to look for any signs of water damage. Having a closer view of the pipes in these locations may give you an indication that one of them is leaky. To be sure that everything is fine, get in touch with our water damage restoration company in Orlando and let our professionals take care of everything for you.

Exterior Considerations

Taking a look at your home’s exterior will help you gauge whether water damage is plaguing it. First, if you are buying a home, make sure that it is located at the highest point on the property. If its foundation lies in a depression in the ground, then water will naturally collect around it. This will eventually lead to damage to the foundation and potential water damage inside. Contact Elements Disaster Recovery for a flood damage restoration team in Orlando that you can rely on to assess your situation thoroughly.

Make sure that your home’s gutters are properly installed and working effectively. Keep an eye out for any missing shingles, as this can indicate that water might be leaking into the attic. You may need to contact a roofer or a professional flood damage restoration team in Orlando.


Significant water damage in a home will usually result in a distinct smell. If you notice this off-putting odor, then there is likely a mold or mildew problem caused by water infiltration. If you notice this in your home, contact our water damage restoration team in Orlando immediately.

Contact Our Elements Disaster Recovery Orlando Water Damage Restoration Professionals For Help

If water damage is starting in your home, it is best to get the problem solved as soon as possible. Contact our Orlando water damage restoration company at Elements Disaster Recovery when you see any of the signs outlined above and let us help you take the best course of action.

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