Top Reasons Why You Should Make a Home Inventory List

Our belongings are what make a house feel like a home. We’ve worked hard for them, and they all have value to us, including sentimental value. But would you be able to remember all of your belongings if they were destroyed in the event of a fire or flood? Probably not. 

Below we’ve listed the top reasons why you should make a home inventory list and protect yourself from the unexpected. 


Remembering the details of all of your belongings can be difficult, especially in the middle of a crisis. Without an accurate inventory of each valuable, your insurance may not be able to reimburse all of your losses. A home inventory list can also help you determine how much insurance coverage you need. 


After a disaster, any peace of mind can be a huge relief. A home inventory list will help you replace your valuables and get back to normal sooner. 


Sometimes you can qualify for disaster assistance or tax breaks in the event of one. Your inventory list can help you determine if you qualify for these and substantiate your losses. 

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