Preventing Mold Growth in Your Garage

The average garage sees a lot of activity, and rarely has the moisture protection that the house provides: This can create mold growth, especially during wet months – and that mold is well-positioned to enter your home and cause serious problems! Here’s how to prevent that from happening.

Clean Up Any Standing Water

Standing water comes from your car after rain, and of course any source of snow or ice. The floor of your garage should be sealed (moistures can cause significant damage if it isn’t), which means those puddles can linger for a long time – and in the rainy season, they may get replenished every day. That water is continually evaporating and lingering in your garage, which makes it an ideal climate for mold to grow. Fix this problem by keep a store of towels and snowbrushes handy to remove any sources of moisture when you get home. Try to keepwet clothes in the mudroom/laundry room instead of the garage, and have peoplestamp off their feet outside rather than in the garage. If you have a waterheater or AC unit in the garage, make sure it has proper drainage! replica tag heuer silverstone

Install Ventilation

Ventilation will help move air around the garage and dissipate water vapor rather thanletting it linger. If your garage doesn’t have any vents – but does havesources of moisture like puddles – then installing vents is an easy andeffective way to reduce mold problems.

Clear Out Junk

Mold loves growing in old newspapers, piles of magazines, and cardboard of any type…the sort of things many people keep in their garages. Clean out this stuff and throw it away, or move it into plastic bins and keep it indoors.

Prevent Leaks

Make sure your garage roof is properly maintained and sealed! Leaks into the walls of your garage can cause serious mold problems if the garage roof is ignored. This is especially important for detached garages.

Put in a De-Humidifier

The best way to prevent mold growth is to put a dehumidifier out in your garage to draw moisture out of the air. For garages with serious moistures issues, look for a reliable dehumidifier that you can set up.

Are you worried about mold growth in your home, or have you discovered a mold problem that may require a professional inspection before cleanup? Contact Elements Disaster Recovery today to get help from the experts!