Why Your Home Needs Structural Drying

If you’re a homeowner in the Jacksonville or Orlando areas, you know how quickly a sunny day can turn into severe thunderstorms. And when you add in the annual effects of hurricanes in and around Florida, many homeowners in The Sunshine State have to deal with water damage. If your Jacksonville or Orlando home has experienced flooding, the problem can be much worse than it looks. Even if you’re able to remove the excess water, it can cause structural damage to your home. In this case, you’ll need a professional water restoration company that can properly remove the water and provide any structural drying that’s required. Below we’ve listed the main reasons why should use a restoration company to provide structural drying and dehumidification.


Whether it’s from flooding or leaking pipes, time is your enemy when it comes to excess water. The longer the water sits, the more likely it will be absorbed by your home. Dry wall and most types of flooring are very porous and will absorb as much water as they can hold. Even if you managed to remove the water, the damage may have already been done. It’s paramount to immediately call professionals who can remove the water and begin the drying process as quickly as possible. 


With professional structural drying and dehumidification, you can prevent costly structural damage that the naked eye often can’t see. Professional water damage restoration services can use thermal imaging cameras to find structures that are wet, like ceilings and walls, but appear dry at first glance. Known as “hot spots,” the camera can see areas beneath surfaces that are saturated with water, which store more heat than dry areas. Finding these problem areas is the best way to remove all the water and prevent structural damage. 


It only takes a matter of hours for mold to begin to grow under wet carpet and padding. If you notice a strong sour or musty smell, it can be a sign that mold or mildew have began to form. Black mold can also form inside walls, ceilings and under your floors, and can cause structural damage before you even notice physical signs of mold. Not only is black mold troublesome for homes, it can be dangerous to your health. Mold produces airborne spores that humans breathe in. This often causes severe allergies, such as headaches and congestion. And if you already have chronic allergy and respiratory problems, it can be a recipe for disaster, leading to sinusitis, nausea and even bleeding in the lungs and nose. 


When water evaporates in your home, it has nowhere to go. This will create a humid environment that can lead to black mold growth and can re-moisten structures in your home. A professional dehumidifier will remove the excess water in the air and provide the necessary environment for complete water restoration. This, combined with structural drying, is the most effective way to remedy and prevent water damage.

If your Jacksonville or Orlando home is ever in need of water removal services, call the experts at Elements Disaster Recovery. We offer the best structural drying processes and will get your home or business back to normal as quickly as possible

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