Stopping Spores – 5 Tips To Prevent Mold Growth In Summer

Stopping Spores - 5 Tips To Prevent Mold Growth In Summer

From pool parties to cookouts, beach visits, and other fun activities, summer is a time for family and making memories. Unfortunately, it also is a time of year that mold can thrive and it’s crucial that you take measures to prevent spores from spreading through your home when the warmer summer weather arrives.

While mold can grow at any time of the year, most people in Florida find that it invades their homes during the summer season. Mold is unpleasant to experience, it can cause a range of health issues and it can do a lot of damage to the interior of your home. To stop mold from spreading in your home as the summer temperatures increase and humidity levels rise, there are some simple steps that you can follow.

Below, our team at Elements Disaster Recovery has outlined some practical solutions for indoor mold removal in Florida and for preventing mold growth going forward.

Reduce Humidity In Your Home

The relative humidity levels inside your home largely determine how hospitable the environment is to mold. Researchers from the University of Central Florida recommend buying a quality relative humidity sensor for your home that will allow you to constantly monitor your inside humidity.

To get rid of additional moisture in the air, you should use a dehumidifier which will help to stop mold from growing. A good dehumidifier should include a built-in humidity sensor that will switch the unit on when necessary. In addition, an air purifier will prevent mold spores from spreading easily in your home.

Remove Vinyl Wall Coverings

While vinyl wallcoverings are not used much in modern homes, older homes may still have them. Vinyl restricts airflow and traps moisture so it can encourage mold growth. If your walls have vinyl coverings, it’s wise to remove them before mold becomes a problem.

Keep Closet Doors Open

To keep mold at bay, it’s essential to keep fresh air circulating through your home. Unfortunately, closets often stay closed, and the dark space inside is ideal for mold to thrive. Leave your closet doors open to limit the chance of mold growing inside. You should also keep an eye on dark spaces in your home that your air conditioning cannot reach to prevent mold spores from developing.

Repair Water Leaks

Any kind of leak can lead to mold trouble over time. Look out for rainwater leaking inside from windows and doors that are not adequately sealed. A small drip under the sink can create the perfect environment for mold to grow. Leaking outdoor taps are easy prey for fungi looking for a home. Make sure you repair leaks of any size to keep your home mold-free.

Redirect Water Away From Your Exterior Walls

Water that lands on the outside of your home can be a problem. Start by ensuring that none of your sprinklers spray water near your walls. French drains are an excellent way to send water away from your home. Also, make sure that landscaping does not encourage water to flow towards your home’s exterior. Finally, keep drains and gutters clear of debris and direct their outflow to a suitable area, away from your property.

Mold Removal Is Vital In Florida To Maintain A Comfortable Home

Mold can damage your home and affect your health, and it can grow almost anywhere from carpets and furniture to ceiling tiles and ductwork. If not removed, mold will spread quickly, posing potential health risks and causing structural damage to your home over time. If you have a mold problem in your home, be sure to get in touch with our team at Elements Disaster Recovery right away. As one of the top mold removal companies that specialize in mold remediation in Orlando, you can be sure that you will be in safe hands with our mold removal experts at Elements Disaster Recovery.

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