Managing Mold – How To Remove Mold From Different Surfaces

Managing Mold – How To Remove Mold From Different Surfaces cover

Unfortunately, mold is a problem in countless homes in the Jacksonville area. According to local Jacksonville mold removal companies, this fungus often becomes present in many homes through no fault of the owners. All it takes for mold to manifest itself is a damp surface and a consistent food source. Areas of your home that aren't regularly cleaned or used are prime spots for moisture build-up so it’s important you keep the name of a reputable Jacksonville mold removal company close to hand at all times.

Once mold takes hold, as long as the food is present, the problem will grow over time. Not only does mold destroy your clothing, furniture, and belongings but it can also cause structural issues in your home. Humid climates like ours require constant vigilance against mold and frequent monitoring for new spores that start to develop. It’s important to seek out mold removal in Jacksonville, FL at the first sign of mold developing to stop it from spreading.

Let’s take a look at some useful strategies for mold removal in Jacksonville, FL that residents and professionals recommend using on the common surfaces affected by this sometimes harmful fungus.

Common Mold Sources

Mold has two prerequisites to grow: a source of moisture and food. Common moisture sources in Jacksonville homes tend to be a leaky window frame or leftover water in the crevices of your bathroom tiles or shower doors. Other times it could be a leaking air conditioning hose or an overflowing drainage pan.

Once established in the moisture, the fungus begins to feed on organic materials near the water. These food source materials are found everywhere in your home. The key to mold remediation in Jacksonville, FL, and other humid climates is to be aware of unintended water build-ups inside your home and deal with spills, leaks, and other unexpected water issues before they become a bigger issue.

Removing Mold From Various Surfaces

Below, our experts examine methods for removing mold from two common surfaces, as recommended by professional mold remediation companies in Jacksonville, FL, such as here at Elements Disaster Recovery.

Drywall Surfaces

Note that if the drywall is soft to the touch, you'll want to dispose of it as the problem is already beyond repair. If the affected area can be cut out, all the better. Gather some disinfectant wipes, a couple of scrub brushes, white vinegar, and some three percent hydrogen peroxide.

First, use the brushes to scrub off the big chunks as best you can. Then make a fifty-fifty solution with the vinegar and hydrogen peroxide in the bottle, then spray the area affected to just dampen it. After ten minutes, scrub the area with a new brush being mindful not to damage the drywall. Now wipe down the surface with the disinfectant wipes and allow the area to dry. Consider using a fan to shorten drying time.

Wood Surfaces

Unpainted wood is the ultimate surface for mold build-up, as it serves as an ideal food for mold to thrive on, especially around your windows due to the humidity build-up. To get rid of the mold, first, gather some dish soap and water, brushes, a vacuum, paper towels, sandpaper, and a fan or dehumidifier. Next, vacuum or brush away the big chunks. Then dampen the area with a dish soap/water mixture using the sprayer, and begin to brush away the fungus. Use the sandpaper if needed to loosen the tough build-up, then dry using the fan or dehumidifier.

For painted surfaces, instead of soap, you can use the same vinegar-peroxide solution above, as this surface will be much easier to remedy.

Call The Professionals At Elements Disaster Recovery

Removing large mold build-ups from unseen areas behind drywall or under floors is a job beyond the scope of many homeowners. For these jobs, it's best to consult with an experienced mold remediation company in Jacksonville, FL, that has the equipment required to reach and clean these areas without causing further damage to the home's foundation. Here at Elements Disaster Recovery, we have the experience and the expertise to take care of any mold remediation job in Jacksonville, big or small. Get in touch with our team at Elements Disaster Recovery today and let us help you get your mold issues under control.

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