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Fire and Smoke Damage  ​                                      Fire Damage in Jacksonville, FL

Every year, thousands of homes suffer from fire, soot and smoke damage.  At Elements Disaster Recovery, we specialize in fire and water damage restoration understand how different materials react to fire, heat and smoke and what steps to take to minimize the damage, clean  and repair your property and contents.  Our emergency response team is fully trained and certified through the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification(IICRC) recognized by all insurance companies.  We perform the necessary services required by your insurance company to protect and secure your home from further damage.

Our fire damage services include:

  • 24/7 Emergency Response
  • Emergency Board Up
  • Odor Removal
  • Water Removal
  • Content Cleaning of Personal Belongings
  • Recontruction Prep of Damaged Areas
  • Assistance with the insurance claim process

Our specialized equipment, cleaning methods and training, combined with years of experience allows Elements Disaster Recovery to get your property back to normal faster. 

Practical guide for fire damage restoration:

Fire damage needs a systematic approach to lessen the stress on homeowner’s part. When fire is already at hand, the first thing to do is evacuate all occupants of house. Don’t re-enter the premises until a fire is declared out by the fire marshal. Call your insurance provider to report the situation and to get instructions on how to proceed.

It is advisable that you hire professionals to deal with the restoration process as it is a complicated and daunting task. Take note that you are not only dealing with a burned structure and furnishings, but also water and smoke damage. All of these must be dealt with at the same time.

"board up" company’s help is also necessary before any cleaning or restoration starts, A fire-damaged building may have weakened walls, broken windows or a compromised structure, so it is dangerous for anybody to walk into the fire damaged property. Securing the affected property must be done to avoid vandalism, prevent falling debris and ensure the safety of the cleaning and restoration crew.

Elements Disaster Recovery can arrive to your home quickly, so wait until they have covered windows, put up temporary fencing and stabilized the structure. If you are allowed to enter the damaged property, take the necessary precautions. Even with proper board up in place, you should wear a mask because the soot and smoke still present may cause respiratory irritation. Even if it’s a minor fire, don’t turn on the electricity yet until the wiring has been inspected and deemed safe to use again. Use an outside power source if you need to use fans, vacuum or other cleaning tools.

The real extent of fire damage cannot be determined just by looking at it. There may be damage that is not seen immediately, such as structural damage, for example. The cleanup process is complicated. Water-, soot- and smoke-damaged objects must be immediately segregated to salvage as many items as possible. Burned objects, on the other hand, must be placed in a proper disposal container and sent to the proper facility to avoid harming the environment.

Fire damage restoration can be tedious, but with the help of professional homeowner's can expect their property to be treated respectfully and professionally and returned to its pre-fire condition. Aside from that, the safety of the occupants is also assured when the process is properly done.

If your home or business has been damaged by a fire, contact Elements Disaster Recovery to provide emergency board up and building securing for your property to protect it from secondary damages, such as vandalism, weather or unauthorized entries. We can restore any damage to your property by removing ALL residual smoke damage and odor. We will minimize your stress, while maximizing your investments' value. We work for you.

Smoke Damage

Understanding the type of fire and residue produced from it is the first step in creating a plan to repair your property. Whether your property has wet smoke residue, dry smoke, fuel oil soot, protein residues or any other chemical compound we have the experience and equipment to properly clean and disinfect your personal property and structure.

We have a large inventory of equipment to help mitigate damage from a fire. Utilizing specialty equipments and products such as Ozone Machines, Thermal Fogger, Dehumidifiers, Air Movers, Air Scrubbers, Negative Air Machines and Generators will allow us to immediately address and restore your properties' air quality.

Odor Removal

Elements Disaster Recovery Inc. adheres to the industry's three step process for removing smoke and odor damages. Each step is unique and most importantly, necessary. Deviating from this process will often result in ineffective odor removal. 

This three step process involves the following:

  1. Spray application to all vertical and horizontal surfaces of the effected area
  2. Application of a dry or granular type odor coutneractant
  3. Thermal fogging, this final step utilizes a solvent based deodorizer that is heated and applied as a fog. By duplicating the heat and penetration characteristics of a fire, thermal fogging effectively eliminates most odors.

Our IICRC certified technicians will help you identify the source of the odor, employ the proper cleaning method and eliminate unwanted odors caused from fire damage or any other variety of odors including nicotine, stale air, mildew, pets, fireplace, smoke, etc.

Structural Demolition

Elements Disaster Recovery Inc. offers demolition cleanup for both residential and commercial structures.  Our demolition services are safe and efficient and include full site cleanup, removal of debris and contaminated material from the structure.


We also offer Content Restoration, we want to make sure that you not only get the outside of your house restored but the items in it as well. We store your belongings in a climate controlled environment.